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If your device's name has a space, i. I tried this the first time and it worked like a charm. However prior to coming across this article, I have already opened and used Senuti, iExplorer and AnyTrans. When I found this article, I followed your instructions and was working perfectly. During the transfer, I quit aforementioned apps but somehow it interfered with the transfer.

The transfer stopped before all songs were transferred. When I tried using Terminal again, it wouldn't find the iPhone anymore.

iPhone, iPod & iPad Music Transfer

I tried a different iPhone and still wouldn't find. But it finds other external drives. Is this a one-time thing? Or did Mac detect what I was trying to do and somehow prevented me from doing it again?

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Thoughts, please??? Thanks so much, this was super easy to do! I hate that they make it so hard to get your music off of your iPod. The free iPod Data Transfer programs seem all dead and haven't updated for years.

Copy or Transfer Music and Songs from iPod to PC and Computer without iTunes - Tech Journey

For music transfer between iOS device and Mac, i recommend to follow this guide, which is a quite smart solution:. This is amazing!!!

Customize your music library

Thank you! I looked for nearly an hour trying to find an open sourced app that would work but this does the exact same thing and its free!! My harddrive failed during the Christmas break. Tech services at the school was able to pull off my documents folder, but everything else was gone. This tutorial saved a music library I've been building half my life.

You, sir, deserve a medal. Excellent little tutorial there mate No problems whatsoever following this and unlocking my music. Am a bit of a novice when it comes to computers so nice to learn something too :. Reply 10 years ago on Introduction. To change from your home directory to a higher level you need to type "cd.. Helpful instructable! I personally have used Tansee iPod Transfer to help me transfer all music and videos from iPod back to my computer and iTunes.

Luckily, it works great. Here is step-by-step guide. Nicely done. I myself don't own a Mac, but if I ever get one or need to use a Mac, I'll use this method. I hate to rain on this parade, but this is not a fantastic way to do this. So heres my constructive criticism : In Finder you can show hidden files. In Terminal type: defaults write com.

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Unfortunately due to the way the iPod file stucture is your music is all scrambled and renamed funny. Its much easier and cleaner to use Senuti to do this on OSX. By jwad Follow. More by the author:.

Sync Your iPhone, iPad or iPod Without iTunes In Catalina

Now what? If you were industrious you went into the folders and saw a bunch of. That's your music alright but it's sorted and categorized in a funny iPod manner which I don't understand. No worries!!! Unless its a double, then it remains as the goofy 4 letters sometimes Here's where out magical "open" command comes in along with some other cool characters called "wildcards. So instead of individually opening every file in every F file I can just tell the computer to open all files in all F files!

Depending on how much this could take a VERY long time. If you're in an F file just type "cd.. Now watch in satisfaction as every music file on your iPod is copied to your iTunes Library! Did you make this project? Share it with us! I Made It!

You can also detect and delete duplicates in just a few clicks. You can now create playlists out of your Apple Music tracks directly from your computer. CopyTrans not only speeds up the process of transferring music to and from your iPhone, but it removes a couple of annoying limitations enforced by iTunes too. Are you sick of iTunes? Would you like to use a lighter, faster tool to handle the contents of your iPod or iPhone? CopyTrans Manager is the answer to your needs.

CopyTrans Manager is a utility designed for people who are looking for a quick and efficient alternative to using iTunes for transferring data from Windows PCs to iOS gadgets. CopyTrans Manager lets you move music from your computer to your iOS device without needing to go through iTunes in the process. See more reviews. CopyTrans Manager is renowned as a secure and stable application that is, like all other CopyTrans programs, free from ad, spy or malware. User guides. By using our website, you agree to the use of cookies to enhance site functionality and performance.

Learn more. Home Products Paid apps. Transfer music from a computer to an iPhone You can simply drag and drop the tracks from your computer directly to your iPhone using CopyTrans Manager.

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Customize your music library Edit track titles, music genre, album titles and artworks in just a few clicks. Manage your playlists With CopyTrans Manager you can add, delete or change the order of the songs.

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  7. Featured in. What people say about CopyTrans Manager This app is very easy to use and does exactly what it's supposed to do. It's well designed, quick and efficient. I highly recommend! Published By Maurice H , 9 months ago.