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Just plug it into your router and type Since having to switch from PCs to Macs at work, I've only been able to view the video feed and no sound, which looks like is an unsolvable problem for everyone. However, when trying to view the cams via my virtual PC on VMware Fusion, not only can I not get sound, but no video feed either. Is there a workaround to getting it to work using VMware Fusion? They were great, were quite willing to help set up on the Mac, and besides not knowing that we needed to save the profile and restart the Time Capsule for the port mapping to take effect, it was a snap.

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The audio from this cam did not work in Safari, but Firefox used a java plugin of some sort and it worked perfect there. Also, I had to use my local ip string Bill, Can you give me some help with the time capsule set up. I spent several hours on the phone with panasonic….

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I'm able to view it locally. We assigned as the port and have used port mapping to open , however, it remains closed according to the yougotsignal. I've called comcast, and they verified that they have not blocked that port. Any ideas? I have spent countless hours trying to figure this out. I would appreciate any help. Is there are form of routing performed in your comcast device or is it a basic Modem.

MAC OS Operation Guide for Wanscam P2P IP Cameras

I would double check the configuration. Is there an application that will allow video recordings on the Mac using the Panasonic Web Camera s? Step 4 did not work for me.

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I eventually found out the camera IP address though my 'connected devices' page on my router — they were Anyway, they then asked me for a username and password which I have no record of. They may have been entered by the installer when first up.

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  • How can I get past this? Many thanks if you know. I suspect the cameras hasn't reset correctly. You need to press the green reset button underneath for a few seconds. Alternatively, you may be looking at the wrong IP address.

    Home IP Camera setup with a Mac (or just an iPhone)

    Confirm the MAC address printed on the underside of your camera is the one listed next to each IP on your router's attached devices page. I think you need to have Java installed to listen to the audio component. James — I think you were right, I held the pin in the 'factory reset' hole for longer and got a different result — it asked me to update the firmware. This howto was written over 4 years ago. Macs have moved on a lot since then. I think we'll need to do an update soon. Just so everyone will know here.

    Installing WVC80N using the web-based setup page

    I have an Apple Extreme Router and discovered after a lot of wasted time trying what is written above. So what I'm going to tell you here will make it all simple. We've been making installing this camera much harder than it really is. Apple Routers use If you don't plug your camera into the Apple Extreme Router you'll never make it work correctly. After doing that it was a simple process of setting up a user name and password. Wired ethernet offers much greater reliability and performance than WiFi, so we recommend using it wherever possible. Make sure that this password is not more than 8 characters long.

    Axis cameras only : use our Network Device Finder app to find the camera on your network, then double-click the entry in the Network Device Finder window to open the camera in a web browser, where you will be asked to set a password. Wireless cameras only : as in the above step, find the camera via Network Device Finder and open it in a web browser. You can download and purchase SecuritySpy via our web site and online store. Once you are done configuring the cameras, click OK, then go to the Control menu and select Set all cameras to Active mode.

    Use the Browser feature to view the captured footage. Once you have the basics in place and your video surveillance system is up and running, there are some additional features which most users will want to explore though it is beyond the scope of this tutorial to describe them in detail :. Pretty nice piece of software…. How do I get the other 7 cameras to appear?

    Hi Carl, you will have to create a new network video device for each camera you want to add. No longer supports webpage access. Latest firmware Breaks IP camera functionality without warning.

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    These will allow you to communicate with the Network Camera using its default IP address:. IP address: Subnet mask: Router: DNS Servers: Not important at this stage. Search domains: Optional, leave blank, not important.


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    Step 3 - Connect to your Network Camera. You should now be able to connect to your Network Camera using the Mac. Open an Internet browser and use the following IP address to connect to your camera:. When you access the camera for the first time it will ask you for a username and password. The default details for your Network Camera will be:. This will open the network settings of the camera as below:.