How do you make a square root sign on a mac computer


  1. How do i make the square root sign in equation longer? - Microsoft Community
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Square root: If nothing is selected, this key makes the square root symbol and places the caret inside it. If something is selected, it places the selection inside the square root.

How do i make the square root sign in equation longer? - Microsoft Community

Parentheses: This key surrounds the selection or caret with parentheses. You always get a pair , never just one. From the keyboard, type only the left parenthesis to get the pair. Type a right parenthesis to move the caret outside the parentheses, no matter where you are in them.

Absolute value: This key surrounds the selection or caret with the vertical bars that represent the absolute value operator. You can also enter this operator with the vertical bar key on your computer keyboard. Left and right arrows: Either on the keypad or on the computer keyboard, the arrow keys move the caret left and right. Of course, because algebraic expressions are more complicated than normal text, sometimes an arrow key will move the caret up or down to the preceding or next part of the expression.

Up and down arrows: Either on the keypad or computer keyboard, the up arrow selects more of the expression and the down arrow selects less of the selection. These, in combination with the left and right arrows and Tab, provide a quick way to move around a complicated expression.

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Comma: Many functions use a comma to separate multiple arguments. For example, modulo 7,3 will give 7 mod 3. February 25th, 1. Join Date Jul Beans How to type the square root symbol?

I am running Ubuntu Mate I desperately need to know how to type the square root symbol to do my math assignments for college. I have searched and searched but have not found anything that works. Adv Reply. February 25th, 2. Re: How to type the square root symbol?

What language and what keyboard are you using? February 25th, 3. It's a US keyboard.

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I need the symbol that looks like a check mark sort of division symbol, hard to describe February 25th, 4. Join Date Jun Beans Hidden! Step 2 Press and hold the "Ctrl" and "Shift" keys together.

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Step 3 Type "ua" while holding down the "Ctrl" and "Shift" keys. Use your keypad for the numbers. Step 4 Release the "Ctrl" and "Shift" keys. Hope this still works!!

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Yes it still works.. Attached Images Screenshot at February 25th, 5. Join Date Dec Beans 12, Attached Images Feb